Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

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You have your bags packed in the trunk, your airline ticket in hand and a coffee to go. You jump into the vehicle and reach for the ignition. Click, click, click.

Your vehicle will not start and that means you could be late for your flight. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out why your car will not start. It could be electrical. It could be mechanical. What are you supposed to do?

The best way to ensure that your electrical and mechanical systems are always operating at their best is to regularly maintain and inspect them. Schedule an appointment with the service professionals at Coulter INFINITI to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

But for now, let’s review the main reasons why your car will not start, from the easy to the not-so-easy problems to fix.

Easy fixes that you can check

One of the first things you should do if you are having trouble starting your car is to check that the steering wheel is not locked. Make sure it is in the proper position so that your ignition can properly engage.

Another obvious fix, although one you may not think of immediately, is to ensure that your vehicle has fuel. Even if your gas gauge is not empty, it is possible that your vehicle needs gas if your gauge is not working properly.

Battery issues

If something easy to fix is not a problem, then it could be that your vehicle is having problems with its charging system. A dead battery, or a weak one, is one of the most common reasons that a car will not start. The ignition in your vehicle is one of the biggest draws on your battery. Even if your battery is a little weak, you could have trouble starting your car.

You could get the vehicle jump-started and allow the battery to charge more. But it is possible that it is not holding an adequate charge or that there is another problem that is not allowing it to adequately charge. You should have your vehicle’s charging system inspected by the certified service technicians at Coulter INFINITI.

It is also possible that your battery cables or connections are not connecting properly. This could be because of corrosion or an issue with your cables. Make sure your battery posts are free of corrosion and the battery connections are secure. If you are having trouble with the connections, contact your Coulter INFINITI parts specialists to ensure you get proper battery connections for your vehicle.

Faulty timing belt

One of the components in your vehicle that ensures that the engine’s valves open and close properly is the timing belt. This belt can wear over time, making it difficult for the proper opening and closing of the engine’s valves so that the valves and pistons do not touch. If your timing belt is faulty, this can cause severe engine damage which could require a full replacement.

Manufacturers require the replacement of timing belts within various intervals, typically anywhere from 60,000 miles to 75,000 miles, or every five years for vehicles that are not driven much. Your certified service technician at Coulter INFINITI also can identify worn timing belts or look for symptoms of a failing timing belt before it leaves you stranded and risks damage to your engine.

Engine coils and spark plugs

Your vehicle may not be starting, thanks to a broken or cracked distributor cap. The distributor cap distributes voltage from the engine’s ignition coil to the spark plugs. The cap can malfunction and lead to problems for your car if moisture gets under the cap. If the cap is not damaged, it is possible to dry the cap and clean it to make sure it can work properly when reinstalled. If the cap is damaged, you will need to have it replaced. Your service technician and parts experts at Coulter INFINITI can help you.

Your vehicle also could have a faulty ignition coil, which transforms a battery’s voltage into an electrical spark. If you have a damaged ignition coil, it means your vehicle is having trouble generating a spark to start. Your certified service professionals at Coulter INFINITI can measure the electrical current, voltage and resistance generated to determine the strength of the current running through your coil.

Clogged fuel filter

The fuel filter in your vehicle ensures that clean fuel reaches the engine. If your fuel filter is clogged, your engine will not receive enough fuel to operate properly. It is important to inspect the fuel filter and to change it with the proper part obtained with the help of your Coulter INFINITI parts department.

You should make sure that your vehicle’s fuel filter is inspected regularly as part of a comprehensive maintenance schedule developed for your car.

Give your vehicle the attention it deserves

You want to make sure that your vehicle starts every time you get in it. You can keep it running and starting properly with regular maintenance and professional service. Contact Coulter INFINITI today to arrange a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s major components.

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