Advantages of Trading in Your Vehicle

May 18th, 2021 by

When it comes time for a new vehicle, chances are you’re not going to keep your old one around. That means either putting it up for sale yourself or trading it in at a dealership like Coulter INFINITI. While there are some perks to selling your vehicle, trading your vehicle in has its advantages.

You’ll Have More Financing Options

For some buyers, securing the right financing is one of the more frustrating parts of buying a new vehicle. Trading in a vehicle at a dealership not only broadens your financing options but also becomes a cheaper way to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle. A trade-in reduces the amount you’ll need to finance, giving you more flexibility when it comes to choosing the vehicle you want and ultimately repaying your loan.

You’ll Spend Less on Detailing

While it’s always a good idea to have your car looking its best at trade-in time, most dealerships already expect to perform their own detailing and reconditioning before putting their trade-ins up for sale. Most dealerships won’t ding you for not having your vehicle showroom-ready – what matters most is the mileage and mechanical condition of the vehicle, as well as its desirability on the market. Less money spent on detailing means more money you can put towards your down payment.

You’ll Pay Less Sales Tax

In states like Arizona, trading in your current car immediately gives you a tax advantage over selling it yourself and putting the cash proceeds towards your new ride. That’s because most states let you deduct the value of your trade-in from the total purchase price, resulting in a reduced tax liability. If you’re buying a $20,000 car and your trade-in is valued at $5,000, for example, then you’ll only pay taxes on $15,000 of your new vehicle’s asking price. The higher your current car’s trade-in value, the more money you’ll save on your next vehicle.

You’ll Save Time and Have Fewer Hassles

Selling your car comes with its share of hassles and headaches. From posting ads on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and hoping for more than just tire-kickers to dealing with no-shows and low-ballers, the whole process can be frustrating and, at times, seem utterly futile. Even if someone eventually comes along and agrees to your asking price, that could take weeks or even months depending on your vehicle and location.

If you can’t wait to jump into a new vehicle and don’t want the hassle of selling your old ride, trading it in is your best option. Not only will you get the value of your trade-in immediately, but you’ll also be able to drive away in your new car the same day. The dealership will take care of selling your old vehicle, which is one less worry you have on your mind.

You’ll Get a Fair Price

While common wisdom says you’ll get more for your vehicle from a private sale, that’s not always true. A fair price doesn’t always draw in buyers and those who are interested will inevitably counter with an offer that’s much less than what you want. Dealerships are more motivated to offer a fair price for your trade-in, especially when demand for certain types of vehicles is at its highest. Selling your car is all about timing, but trading it at a dealership makes it more likely you’ll get a fair price for your old ride.

You’ll Have a Safer Transaction

Private sales transactions aren’t without their dangers. In addition to the danger of having strangers show up at your home, there’s also the risk of fraud by unscrupulous buyers. Forged checks, counterfeit bills, and fake wire transfers are just some of the ways that criminals can scam you out of your vehicle. There’s also the risk of unsatisfied buyers taking legal action or worse if any problems with the vehicle show up after the sale.

A trade-in at a dealership solves all of those problems. instead of having strangers at your home or finding safe, neutral places for a private party sale, you’ll conduct your trade-in from the comfort and safety of a licensed and bonded dealership. Instead of worrying about your safety, all you have to worry about is your next destination after driving away in your new car, truck, or SUV.

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