Which INFINITI Model is Right for Me? | Coulter INFINITI

Choosing an INFINITI doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You simply have to know more about what it is that you’re looking for. At Coulter INFINITI, we can not only introduce you to the many models but also help you to explore our inventory.

Compare Models

It’s important to decide on the kind of INFINITI you want. Sedans and coupes are sporty and designed for between two and four passengers. Crossovers and SUVs provide more room for cargo and can accommodate up to eight passengers.

Sedans & Coupes

When you want a smaller vehicle, you can choose from the sedans and coupes in the INFINITI lineup:

Q50: The Q50 is a sedan with four doors and a lot of style. The twin-turbocharged V6 engine also delivers incredible performance.

Q60: The Q60 is a sporty two-door coupe with a lot of attitude. The stylish interior and the turbocharged engine ensures you enjoy your time behind the wheel.

Crossovers & SUVs

When you want a larger and more spacious vehicle, there are several crossovers and SUVs to consider:

QX50: The QX50 is a sophisticated two-row SUV with a turbo engine and room for passengers in the front and back.

QX60: The QX60 is a luxurious three-row SUV to offer you spaciousness when and where you need it the most.

QX80: The QX80 offers seating for up to eight, ensuring you have the room you need for road trips of any duration.

No matter what model you choose, you’ll love the comfort of the interior and the incredible handling of what’s under the hood. Plus, you might be surprised with all of the standard features included in an INFINITI.

Consider Colors & Trim Levels

Once you choose the model you want, the decisions don’t stop there. You will also want to consider the color that you want and even the trim. This allows you to customize the appearance inside and out.

Each of the models has three or more trim levels to choose from. This can provide you with access to more key features. You may be able to get a more advanced engine to enjoy more horsepower on the road, premium upholstery throughout the interior, and even aluminum-alloy wheels. Additionally, there may be other features you’ll want, such as a Homelink transceiver or a power sliding moonroof.

Often, seeing the trim levels in person is the way to make the decision. You may not think you want a moonroof until you see it in action. You may not care about the Red Sport 400 quilted-leather-appointed sport seats until you sit in them. Going between the different trim levels can alter the price but it can offer you the features that are most important to you.

Further, INFINITI offers all of the models in a wide array of colors. You may want to stand out on the road with a vibrant hue like Deep Bordeaux or choose a quieter tone with neutral ones like Graphite Shadow or Majestic White. You’ll be able to browse the color selection online or visit us in person to see just how many there are to choose from.

Explore New & Used Models

INFINITI provides plenty of luxury within all of the models. However, you want to choose a model that is not only everything you want but that also fits within your budget. When you come in to explore models, you may want to look at the new or used inventory – and there are benefits to both.

The new inventory gives you all of the latest features and the knowledge of knowing that you’re the only one to have ever owned it. The used inventory provides you with some of the best pricing and the ability to have the engine already broken in by the time you own it. With pros and cons to each, talk to us about your budget so we can guide you toward the inventory best suited to you.

Whether you are looking to buy or lease an INFINITI, come visit us at Coulter INFINITI today. Our sales team will get to know more about what you’re looking for. Once you test drive a few models, it may be easier for you to confidently choose the one you want to drive home.