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NFINITI has recently taken a virtual racing vehicle from a PlayStation game and turned it into a physical concept car. The Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled last month at the Shanghai Motor Show. This model has been burning rubber in the popular Sony PlayStation racing game “Gran Turismo 6” since this past December. The game version of this car is one of several digital cars that have been specifically designed for Gran Turismo by luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Aston Martin.


The physical car matches the online version with a very low ride and stature with an extremely aggressive fascia that resembles an actual face, while its body has a silky surface look to it. It was created by Jeremy Liu, a 29-year-old Chinese designer working in a team of about 30 people at INFINITI’s design studio in Beijing.
Liu’s dark, demonizing design jumped out when INFINITI executives were choosing a winner from the racing game in 2013.

“Personally, I don’t like very rigid, very straight lines. I prefer soft lines,” said Mr. Liu, one of the brand’s up-and-coming designers, at a design-themed event held in Shanghai earlier this month. “I think that fits in with the aesthetics of INFINITI.”

Building the physical version took about eight months, and involved around 15 people in China, and another 15 globally. This racing car is not intended for production or sales.

INFINITI is not the first luxury brand to turn a virtual racer from Gran Turismo into a physical car. Mercedes-Benz also based one of its concept cars on a design that was specifically for the game. BMW released their car at the Los Angeles auto show in 2013.

You can be sure that many more brands will begin creating concept cars based on virtual games and for INFINITI, this is only the beginning. Be sure to visit us at our Mesa INFINITI dealer to acquaint yourself with our favorite brand.

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