How to Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

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Your vehicle consists of many parts and components that move at rapid rates while the vehicle is in motion. To keep the parts of your vehicle from damaging one another as they make contact with each other, your vehicle has various fluids that it uses. Many of these fluids will wear out and break down over time as you drive your vehicle. Therefore, you need to check the fluids of your vehicle to make sure that the vehicle continually has what it needs to continue running smoothly.


Oil Change

Oil is one of the most important fluids for your vehicle’s engine. Oil keeps the components in the engine lubricated, cool, and clean. There are several different methods that you can use to check the oil level of your vehicle’s engine. If your vehicle has a dipstick in its engine, then you should use the dipstick to check the oil level of the engine, as it is the quickest and easiest method.

To check the oil level of your vehicle’s engine using a dipstick, you first need to park the vehicle on an even surface. Once you have parked the vehicle, locate the dipstick in the vehicle’s engine and remove the dipstick from its tube. Use a rag and wipe off any oil that is on the dipstick after you have removed it from the tube. After wiping the old oil off of the engine’s dipstick, place the dipstick back into its tube and remove it once again. Use the “minimum” and “maximum” markings on the dipstick to determine if there is enough oil in your vehicle’s engine. As you check the oil level of your vehicle’s engine, also check the color of the oil to make sure that it is the right shade of color. 

Coolant and Antifreeze

Coolant and antifreeze are the same fluid. Coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, keeps your engine cool when it is hot and prevents the engine from freezing when the weather is below freezing temperatures. Coolant continually runs through your vehicle’s cooling system as the vehicle runs.

 Checking the coolant of your vehicle is simple. You will need to locate your vehicle’s coolant reservoir, which is normally clear and located near the radiator of vehicles and read the markings that are on the reservoir. Make sure that your vehicle’s coolant level is between the “minimum” and “maximum” markings of the reservoir. Additionally, do not open the reservoir until your vehicle’s engine has properly cooled down, as the cooling system of your vehicle will be pressurized and hot after the vehicle’s engine has just been shut off.


Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential for the brake systems of most vehicles to function properly. The fluid is used in a brake system to apply more pressure to the vehicle’s brake pads, allowing the vehicle to stop more effectively. Most vehicles would be unable to stop without enough brake fluid in their brake systems.

You will see a clear reservoir in the engine bay of your vehicle for the vehicle’s brake fluid. Once you have located the brake fluid reservoir of your vehicle, make sure that the fluid is between the “minimum” and “maximum” markings of the reservoir. Additionally, check the color of the brake fluid to make sure that it isn’t contaminated.


Power Steering Fluid

Power steering systems are equipped on most vehicles and almost every modern vehicle. However, not every vehicle has power steering. In fact, many newer vehicles have electric steering systems. If your vehicle has a power steering system, then you will need to check the system to make sure that it has enough fluid.

To check the power steering fluid of your vehicle, you will first need to locate the reservoir for the fluid. Power steering fluid reservoirs come in many different styles and sizes. Once you have located the reservoir, however, look for the “minimum” and “maximum” markings that are on the reservoir. Make sure that the amount of power steering fluid that is in your vehicle’s power steering fluid reservoir is between the two markings.


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Your vehicle relies on several different fluids as it runs. You need to routinely check each of the fluids of your vehicle to maintain the condition of the vehicle. Make sure that each of the fluids in your vehicle is clean and is at the proper level for your vehicle. At Coulter INFINITI, we will provide you with the products and services that you need to keep your vehicle running optimally. Visit us so that we can service your vehicle or provide you with additional information.

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