10 Reasons Why It’s Best To Buy Your Car At A Dealership vs Carvana vs Vroom

September 15th, 2021 by

There’s no denying that you can buy nearly anything online and that now holds true for a car. While buying online certainly sounds convenient, it’s imperative to think about if it’s really the better option. In this brief overview from Coulter INFINITI, we’ll explain why picking a dealership is the better option than using online sites such as Carvana or Vroom.

Why Choosing A Dealership Is Better

While you can certainly appreciate the ability to have a selection of cars at your fingertips, working with a trusted dealership has specific advantages. Here are ten reasons why it’s better for individuals looking for a vehicle.

  1. There is more opportunity for savings deals when you buy from a dealer. On sites like Carvana or Vroom, there is no wiggle room for the price. Conversely, buying from a dealership allows you chances to qualify for special offers on APR, trade-ins, and much more. Our experts welcome the opportunity to work with all our customers to help them find the vehicle that matches their needs and budget requirements.
  2. Buying online doesn’t allow you a chance to test drive the vehicle before purchasing it. To actually get a feel for the vehicle by buying online is to purchase one. Afterward, you only have seven days to return it, and you can only drive it a few hundred miles.
  3. Carvana and Vroom don’t provide great warranties for their vehicles. There is typically around a 100-day warranty for the vehicle, and even then, it’s unclear how your vehicle is protected. Dealerships can provide excellent warranties for new vehicles, which always include the original OEM warranty. Even better, there are options for extended warranties and also coverage for certified pre-owned cars.
  4. Online sites that sell cars only have used selections. If you’re looking for something new, you won’t have that option. Also, you can have limited options for vehicles depending on where you live. You’ll then have to pay an additional “delivery” fee that can exceed hundreds of dollars.
  5. The only way to view a car you’re interested in is by looking at pictures you see online. If you buy online, you take the risk of being unhappy when the car actually arrives. While Carvana or Vroom tell you if the car has an imperfect condition, seeing it in person could be much different than what you expected.
  6. You get much better customer service if you work with a dealership. Buying a car often comes with many questions, and unfortunately, they can’t be answered when you’re shopping online. We help with everything, from questions about financing or if you plan to trade in a car.
  7. Our team at Coulter INFINITI views our customers as part of our family. Here, you don’t have to feel afraid to ask as many questions as you want or voice your concerns. We have your best interests in mind!
  8. After you buy a vehicle online, you’re pretty much on your own when you need to service your vehicle. Buying a car here can qualify you for special service offers, along with saving coupons that we have available. For more peace of mind, you also know you maintain your car with our highly trained technicians.
  9. You can get your vehicle much quicker when you’re shopping at our dealership. The specific car you want from Carvana or Vroom could be delayed when getting delivered to your home. When you’re in a pinch, we can provide prompt assistance.
  10. Most people who plan to get another car trade in their old one. While you can do this on Carvana or Vroom, the price you get offered can sometimes be far below market value. We can help provide the highest value available for your trade-in, which can help greatly with a down payment for a new car.

The Choice Is Clear: Buying A Car From A Dealership Is The Better Choice

Buying a car online isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but you can’t compare it to the experience of working with a knowledgeable dealership. You can qualify for more savings, have a selection of the latest cars, and enjoy a much more pleasant customer experience. If you’re considering a new or pre-owned vehicle, Coulter INFINITI would like to help you find what you’re looking for. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop in and see us. Some things are just better with person-to-person interaction, and buying a car is one of them.

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